Induction melting furnace are Used for Metal Casting and Steel Smelting Industry.Hengyang  is one of the largest Induction Melting Furnace Manufacturer in China

IGBT High Frquency Indcution Furnace

IGBT HF induction heating equipment, one of the most popular products of Hengyang, is also known as Isolid state power supply equipment. It is a kind of power supply equipment applying in the modern electrical and electronic components IGBT module as a key part of the converter. This equipment converts 50Hz power current into the current with different frequencies which produce strong electromagnetic field in the inductor to heat the metal in a very short time.

The equipment is featured with a compact design. For example, the equipment with no more than 60kw of power is slightly larger in its volume than the main-frame of the personal computer. It occupies little space and is easy for relocation. The equipment has automatic control and digital display of heating time, offering many conveniences for users to operate. Its integrated circuit provides high energy utilization efficiency and can save over 30% of the electricity compared with the electron tube HF products. Connecting with the power supply, induction coil, and the inlet pipe can make the equipment quickly start and heat in only a few minutes, which can save a lot of operation time. In addition, the equipment has the advantages of wide frequency adjustment range from 20kHz to 90kHz. The depth of the quenching can be effectively controlled and the adjustment can be easier.

Hengyang HF induction heating equipment enjoys high reliability and safety. It is tested to be of comprehensive protections including over-pressure, over-current, and overheating protection. This equipment is bound to bring economic benefits to customers.

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