IF Induction Melting Furnace


IF Furnace is the device to convert three phase power current into single phase power current by electromagnetic induction to make metal produce eddy current loss and finally achieve the goal of heating and melting. IF Furnace is also applicable to melting and heating of steel, copper, aluminium and other ferrous or nonferrous metal; it’s widely used in casting and melting industries.


Foshan Hengyang Furnace Manufacturing Co., Ltd.-- is one of the largest manufacture of medium frequency furnace in China. HengYang company products : New KGCL series inverter IF power supply;common KGPS IF Parallel power supply;  The new KGCL series which has one power supply with two furnace body work at the same time (one for smelting, one for heating preservation). With the capability to provide all equipment of production line including smelting system, cooling system, dust removal system, and automatic feeding and pouring system.


We not only provide high quality and reliable products, but also free of charge to provide customers with related crafts applications 、technology and training on Casting and Heating Treatment Industry Field. There is independent after-sales department to carry out regular follow-up service for the products which directly solve the users' actual production problems and make customers far away from worries.