IF Induction Melting Furnace


IF induction melting furnace is the star product of Hengyang. It is a kind of device that converts three-phase power current into single phase power current by electromagnetic induction, to make metal produce eddy current loss and finally achieve the goal of heating and melting. It is applicable to melting and heating of steel, copper, aluminum, and other ferrous or nonferrous metal, and is widely used in the casting and melting industries.


According to scientific theory, the induction coil loss accounts for 25% of the total power and a high-quality induction coil plays a significant role in the product. At our company, TU1 anoxic copper is adopted as the coil and high silver brazing process is applied in the manufacturing of the coil joint, so that the product is endowed with high conductivity and small electricity loss. By using full-wave rectifier which always keeps running, we ensure the product won't produce higher harmonic and does no pollution to the power network. The most distinguishing feature of the product is that it can always remain the highest state of over 0.96 and full medium frequency power output. It only takes 40 minutes for the product to melt and can save 20% of the electricity compared with other similar products on the market. During the whole process, the product can always keep the maximized power to operate without requiring the manual operation of the workers.


Hengyang endeavors to satisfy customers' needs and provides IF induction melting furnace with different furnaces like steel shell furnace which is more stable and highly efficient and aluminum shell furnace which is easy to maintain and of low price.

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