Induction melting furnace are Used for Metal Casting and Steel Smelting Industry.Hengyang  is one of the largest Induction Melting Furnace Manufacturer in China

Continuous Casting Machine

Hengyang continuous casting machine is mainly made up of pouring equipment, CCM body equipment, pick-up rod collecting, and conveying equipment. The working principle is to continuously cast the high-temperature molten steel into a slab with a certain section shape and a certain specification.

The product adopts a series of rollers equipped with sealed spherical roller bearings and water-cooled molds. This results in a significant improvement of the bearing performance, and the ratio of the impurities is greatly reduced and better thickness ratios can be better guaranteed. The continuous casting allows the metals and alloys to be stretched, shaped, and solidified without causing the waste, which in return can improve the yield, cost efficiency, and quality. Due to lack of contamination from the equipment, it is eco-friendly and does no pollution to the environment. What's more, it is healthy for people. As for the materials used in the mechanical part, they are all well-selected steel. Both pneumatic parts and electrical parts are imported from the world-famous brands. To save more laboring time and cost, the equipment is designed with an automatic casting system and automatic molds which can control the level and feed the powder automatically.

Hengyang continuous casting machine is used for slabs, square billet, round billet, H-beam, and relative spare parts.

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