Medium Frequency Electric Furnace Body

Steel shell furnace

Steel shell furnace : Adopt the hydraulic station tilting furnace device, the furnace body adopts high quality steel structure welding, safer, firm, durable; The sensor is enclosed with a magnetic yoke, covering an area is over 65%. Because of the leakage is small, the efficiency is high, compared with the aluminum shell furnace save nearly 5% energy consumption. It is equipped with an alarm device for preventing leakage, which can be predicted in advance to achieve safe production.


Steel shell furnace has two kinds of dust removal systems, which meet the requirements of environmental protection, and the user can choose the configuration according to their requirement.


Aluminum shell furnace

Aluminum shell furnace: Adopt reducer tilting furnace device; The furnace body is made of alloy aluminum casting. Inexpensive, easy to maintain, easy to observe. The disadvantage is that electromagnetic radiation is unshielded, efficiency and service life are relatively low.

Whole furnace includes: open furnace body, induction coil, magnetic yoke.

Configuration includes: anti-falling device, alarm device for leakage protection, quick release mechanism of furnace lining, weighing system of furnace body, dust collecting cover or dust collecting ring removal system, furnace Reclining slag structure... 

Two kinds of dust removal systems for the medium frequency: Dust Hood and Dust Ring

Dust hood (ring) through a certain fan to absorb dust, waste gas generated in smelting to reach and improve the effect of exhaust emissions and meet the design requirements of government environmental department. User can choose different configuration according to their own need. 

Fully intelligent automation and humanized functional design


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