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Induction Furnace Power Supply

New energy-saving KGCL thyristor series medium frequency power supply

Using full-wave rectifier power supply series, in the whole working process of the rectifier is always in a state of full open (equivalent to a diode rectifier), do not produce higher harmonic, basic no pollution to power network, does not affect the operation of substation reactive power compensation capacitor.Achieve international harmonic current and voltage allowable value!


Compared with common parallel inverter power energy saving about 20%.(cast iron about 530 kwh/T)

KGCL series inverter medium frequency power supply is the most new energy-saving medium frequency furnace product recommended by our company.


Common KGPS thyristor parallel intermediate frequency power supply

Advantage: it is the most widely used in the past few decades.cheap, easy maintenance, reasonable price of spare parts.


Disadvantage: :high energy consumption, electric consumption of steel water about 650 Kwh/Ton.By adjusting the power of dc voltage, the power factor is low (less than 0.90), and there is harmonic interference, which has different influence on the operation of reactive power compensation capacitor.


Energy-efficient KGCL series one-Drag-two (one furnace smelting and another one heat-preservation) dual power supply design

KGCL medium frequency series power supply can realize single power supply, double power supply and Multi-power  supply configuration

The latest model ”one-drag-two IF induction Melting Furnace” is with one set of IF power supply with  two furnace body working at the same time.Equipment utilization rates 100%, only by adjusting the power knob (or digital operation panel), can achieve The total power of the intermediate frequency power supply can be distributed between the two furnaces, also achieve one furnace to melt another furnace preserve heat. Large castings can be made in one - time casting or continuous supply of molten iron in the production line. continuous smelting mode has greatly improved the production capacity, energy saving and practicability, Our product is widely accepted and loved by customers all over the world.

Advanced Computer Smelting Management System

Smelting management computer, digital main control board, PLC and other equipment constitute a network system. It can be managed in the office by extension of the switch. With Ethernet port, USB interface and unique IP address, data acquisition, transmission and monitoring can be realized anywhere in the world, providing remote diagnosis for you,and quickly and timely troubleshooting.

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