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Established in 1999, Hengyang has accumulated over 23 years of producing induction furnace. As a leader in the industry, we make our products to be excelled in their humanized design, highly efficient performance and long service life.


We mainly provide IF induction melting furnace, IF induction heating furnace, rolling mill, continuous casting machines, IGBT high-frequency induction furnace, and IF furnace related and auxiliary equipment. They all have passed the certification of CE and are supplied with high cost-performance ratio.


Here we take our star product - IF induction melting furnace as an example. The whole furnace includes a furnace body, induction coil, and magnetic yoke. The furnace body is made of high-quality welding steel which is firm and safe. Two different housings are offered to satisfy customers' requirements including aluminum shell and steel shell. The former is made by alloy aluminum casting technology, which makes the equipment easy to maintain while the latter enjoys higher impact strength and more energy saving. As for the induction coil, it is surrounded by a solid yoke, which eliminates the induction heating of the furnace body and the metal material outside the furnace. In addition, the design of the coil results in small leakage of the magnetic flux, and therefore, the electromagnetic radiation is reduced and the maximum electrical efficiency is obtained.


Hengyang ensures each product has the characteristics of automatic operation and humanized design so that the laboring efficiency can be greatly improved.

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