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VIGA Systems
Vacuum Induction Melting Inert Gas Atomization Systems for Charge Weights from 5 up to 2500 kg
HengYang Metal powder equipment CO.,LTD is the market and technology leader for vacuum inert gas atomizers used in the production of high-quality metal powders. In addition, HengYang has extensive experience in combining various melting technologies with inert gas atomization systems to address particular material requirements. The application-specific combination of melting and atomization techniques enables production of a wide range of super-clean metal powders, including super-alloys, precious metals, refractory and reactive metal powders. Our clients can choose between two main atomizer types, namely EIGA and VIGA, for charge weights from 5 kg up to 2500 kg. Customized EIGA and VIGA design variations are available to meet customer specific requirements.
HengYang’s Vacuum Induction Melting Inert Gas Atomization System for the production of high-quality, spherical metal powders
Vacuum induction melting and inert gas atomization is the leading process for production of a variety of high-performance metal powders and essential for quality manufacturing of Ni-based super-alloys as well as Fe-, Co-, Cr-based and other special alloy powders. In the VIGA system, a vacuum induction melting unit is integrated with an inert gas atomization unit. The starting materials are melted using electromagnetic induction which couples electrical power into the crucible/material under vacuum or in an inert gas atmosphere. Once the desired melt homogeneity and chemical composition have been achieved, the material is poured into a tundish by crucible tilting. The fine metal stream flowing from the tundish orifice into the atomization nozzle system is subject to a high-pressure, inert-gas jet and then atomized. The combination of molten metal and gas jet creates a spray of micro-droplets that solidifies in the atomization tower and forms fine powder with spherical shape.
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