Foshan HengYang Furnace Manufacturing Co.,Ltd was established in 1999. located in Foshan city, Guangdong province,China. where is 20km from Guangzhou Baiyun International airport, traffic is very convenient. As a hi-tech private enterprise integrating production, R&D and marketing of induction heating equipment including intermediate frequency furnace and is one of the largest leading intermediate frequency furnace manufacturers in China. Have the self supported import and export right,Has obtained a number of patents from the State Intellectual Property Office.Has passed the ISO9001 international quality management system certification,European CE certification authority certification.

HengYang company products : New KGCL induction furnace,metal melting furnace;common KGPS Induction Melting Furnace;  The new KGCL series which has one power supply with two furnace body work at the same time (one for smelting, one for heating preservation). With the capability to provide all equipment of production line including smelting system, cooling system, dust removal system, and automatic feeding and pouring system.
The products are widely used for the smelting or heating of metals such as steel, copper and aluminum. Mainly used for metal casting and steel smelting industry!

Our critical production process and highly competitive energy consumption can make you feel worth it !
To provide customers with first-class induction melting furnace products is our goal, we always follow the highest standards to design the products and procure raw materials. Core devices of the equipment are all top brands.

We are one of the largest induction furnace manufacturer in China!
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induction electric furnace,metal melting furnace,steel melting furnace, Induction Melting Furnace.With the capability to provide all equipment of production line including smelting system, cooling system, dust removal system, and automatic feeding and pouring system.

New Type KGCL Series Dual Track Induction Furnace Power Cabinet(One Melting One Heat Preservation)

Metal Melting Equipment

KGPS Parallel Induction Furnace Power Cabinert

steel scrap melting furnace

Induction Melting Funrace(With Dust-Removal Hood) 

metal smelting furnace

Iron Melting Furnace(With Dust-Removal Ring) 


" New Series KGCL Intermediate Frequency Induction Furnace" is recommended, power factor of the furnace is always reached the highest state (≧0.96)!Compared with common parallel KGPS inverter power energy saving about 20%.(cast iron about 530 kwh/T)

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Service localization, brand globalization! 

HengYang products has a large number of exports to Russia, Iran, Sudan, Uzbekistan, Egypt, Sudan, Zimbabwe, and United States etc.; more than 70 countries or regions, and in some countries is equipped with distribution agencies. we have accumulated rich experience in foreign service,  familiar with and respect the cultural&customs of various countries, which is unmatched by many manufacturers.
We not only provide high quality and reliable products, but also free of charge to provide customers with related crafts applications 、technology and training on Casting and Heating Treatment Industry Field. There is independent after-sales department to carry out regular follow-up service for the products which directly solve the users' actual production problems and make customers far away from worries.