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Electric furnace fault machine solution


Fault phenomena: equipment start without any reaction when, after observation, control circuit board to phase lack indicator emit light.

The cause of the problem: fast fuse burned off. Generally fast fuse has fusing instructions, but through the observed the judge whether fuse instructions to burn out, but sometimes fast fuse for use time too long or quality reason, is not instructions or instruction is not clear, need to power the multimeter is used to measure.

The processing method is: to replace fast fuse, analysis and broken reasons. It is normal to burn off the fast fuse reason has four:

A:In a long time, high power equipment large current conditions caused by running fast fuse fever, make molten core hot melt;

B:rectified load or intermediate frequency load short circuit, causing instant large current shock, burn out fast fuse, check the load loop

C:rectifier control circuit fault causing instant large current shock, meet the rectifier circuit for inspection

D:The Lord make touch the switch d head or burn out before the power supply system level have phase lack fault, using a multimeter to ac line voltage measurement of each level file line voltage, judge fault position.

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