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Metal Melting Induction Furnace Safety Operation Procedures


1, furnace to check before good electrical equipment, water cooling system, such as sensors copper pipe is in good condition, otherwise prohibited furnace.

2,Melting furnace more than regulations should be repaired in time. It is strictly prohibited to melting in too deep within the crucible melting.

3,Electric induction furnace should have the specialist is responsible, after contact with sensors and transfer it is strictly prohibited to cable. The shift away from post without permission, attention should be paid to the sensor and the external conditions.

4,Pack material, should check in inflammable and explosive, without charging mixing hazardous materials, such as should be removed in time, it is strictly prohibited to cold and wet material directly add to material in liquid steel, melting liquid filled with first department of materials is strictly prohibited after to join, in case "cover

5,Fill furnace and pickled system when it is strictly prohibited to scrap iron crucible, ferric oxide hybrid, broke the crucible must be close-grained.

6,Casting the venue and the dancers pit furnace should be no obstacle, no water, in case the molten steel be born explosion.

7,The molten steel does not allow costumes too full, hand carry bag pouring, two people should cooperate with consistent, walk should be stable, no hurry go urgent stop, after pouring YuGang pour into the designated place, forbidden disorderly fall.

8,Intermediate frequency generator room should be kept clean, forbidden flammable and explosive substances and other sundry brought into indoor, indoor banned smoking.

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