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How to do the inspection of the electric furnace


Our company is engaged in the intermediate frequency electric stove sales for many years, and our products praised by customers, in the market has a good reputation. The operating personnel how to do the inspection of the intermediate frequency electric stove?

The operator must market view each cooling water flow and pressure the road is in a normal state. To often to each of the parts of the connecting bolts and can be a very good link each of the parts nut regular tighten, want to prevent have contact with bad phenomenon will cause bad effect on components.

And if we want to have the rule of can use water for cooling system of the motor and the pumping hydraulic pressure station motors have regular maintenance, and then also regularly clean the hydraulic oil. So do to safeguard intermediate frequency electric stove machinery in normal condition and provide water use and working process of the need to use oil. In addition to the provisions of the intermediate frequency electric stove and the voltage and current of the rating for inspection, so regular inspection can prevent circuit failure appear.

To very good for intermediate frequency electric stove are regularly and accurate and careful maintenance, the maintenance is to extend the service life of intermediate frequency electric stove key, and ensure that the workers of the security of the important prerequisite. For intermediate frequency electric stove in the whole process is in a high voltage and high temperature and high pressure down, with more must be disposed of intermediate frequency electric furnace of the house to conduct regular cleaning and clean.

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