Induction melting furnace are Used for Metal Casting and Steel Smelting Industry.Hengyang  is one of the largest Induction Melting Furnace Manufacturer in China

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Foshan Hengyang Furnace Manufacturing Co. Ltd. Introduction


Our market positioning and operation

Wins Market with high quality instead of low price.

Casting industry leading benchmark,To build up a world-class products.

To provide customers with first-class china melting furnace products is our goal, we always follow the highest standards to design the products and procure raw materials. Core devices of the equipment are all top brands.

Our unique technical team advantage

Core competitiveness comes from our engineers team and proprietary products with over 10 terms patent products of independent intellectual property rights!
We have independent technical research and development team and independent after-sales service system, and carry out regular and intimate tracking service for customers.

Our progress and Honor

Service localization, brand globalization! HengYang products has a large number of exports to Russia, Iran, Sudan, Uzbekistan, Egypt, Sudan, Zimbabwe, and United States etc.; more than 70 countries or regions, and in some countries is equipped with distribution agencies. we have accumulated rich experience in foreign service,  familiar with and respect the cultural&customs of various countries, which is unmatched by many manufacturers.

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