Zhuhai ultra-high frequency induction heating vendors would comply with the security law

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-01
Heng Yang zhuhai ultra-high frequency induction heating vendors would think that there have been a few practical regulations and government decree to more than one hundred years. Such as British factory in 1833 that requires a protection around the dangerous machines. Laws, in order to gradually reasonable at the turn of the century by a factory and workshop ( 1901) , this paved the way for electrical regulations formulated in 1908. The purpose of these laws is to avoid in the industrial power was dangerous. In 1944, a special discipline has been generalized to involve and wider operating range, and make eight law passed in 1961 factory. In 1974, after also presented the current execution of work (' health and safety HSW) 。     This is legal terms in certain situations, for all engaged in ultra-high frequency induction heating machine process ( Induction heating process, for example) People, it is necessary to be familiar with these laws.     1974 the health and safety of execution of work section 6 is called 'factory general responsibilities', this part in accordance with the provisions of the relevant work of the terms of the use and the content, now all zhuhai ultra-high frequency induction heating vendors would use the product of power circuit undertake certain obligations ( Including the use of equipment at work personnel) 。 When meet the specified requirements to use the product, must ensure that these products are safe, and about the health and safety requirements of this product should fulfill before they reach use location. At work, on the other hand, the use of products related to the power supply to anyone, when it use must be guaranteed to be safe. Ultra high frequency heating plant - Customer satisfaction with ultra-high frequency induction heating equipment, professional custom-made For customers to eliminate high-frequency induction heating - technology difficulty Environmental protection high-frequency induction heating equipment manufacturers - zero pollution Induction coil, producing what are the advantages of the ultra high frequency induction heating machine
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