XingHua intermediate frequency furnace close events

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-22
XingHua intermediate frequency furnace closed event technology an intermediate frequency electric furnace operation procedures a: intermediate frequency electric furnace operation procedures: 1, check whether the water drainage systems, the hydraulic pressure gauge is normal, the pipe is leaking. Electric control cabinet of the feed water pressure for 01 mpa, condenser water pressure 008 mpa, furnace feed water pressure for 02 mpa, transformer of the feed water pressure as 01 mpa. 2, water after normal through to protect the tank control power supply first, in the start of transformer. Who know how to judge it pulse of intermediate frequency furnace is a: whether pulse rectifier ( On the control panel of six small pulse transformer) , or the inverter pulse ( Installed in other places, according to each intermediate frequency furnace manufacturers use different pulse pulse transformer, a single transformer, there are also two transformer in a small circuit board, there are four transformer on a circuit board) 。 But the edge of each transformer has a red. Since the launch of intermediate frequency furnace why inverter circuit to implement XingHua intermediate frequency furnace closed event a: this is the intermediate frequency furnace and high frequency ( Or super audio) The essence of the heating furnace. Intermediate frequency furnace USES is the harmonic oscillation mode, without transformer coupling, inverter with high efficiency. Because it is the way of harmonic, which requires the intermediate frequency system has a it excitation signal ( Or pulse magnetization) Inject energy to the load, the load ( Heating coil and electric capacitor) Since the harmonic oscillation. Intermediate frequency furnace smelting stainless steel and the formulation of the method. Who knows the send an email to me, thank you XingHua intermediate frequency furnace closed event a: you are adding slag in smelting waste or raw materials can be, where are you? I can introduce you two places to visit. Jiangsu what steel with medium frequency furnace steelmaking with detailed address best answer: xinghua, jiangsu province dainan ningjing highway 79 kilometers to the west. Intermediate frequency furnace flue gas dust removal equipment of wet electric dust a: how much in more than 99%, roughly filter dust concentration of outlet gas in a number of 10 mg/m3, the fine dust of submicron particle size higher classification efficiency of intermediate frequency furnace flow of air is wide, small just 1 min for m3, big can reach 1 min tens of thousands of m3, not only can be used in the industrial furnaces flue gas dust removal, reduce air pollutant emissions in this filter structure is simple, maintenance operations. Intermediate frequency furnace thermal radiation led long a knot in one's body is the reason why XingHua intermediate frequency furnace closed event a: intermediate frequency furnace at work, especially in the molten steel is fast full skin quality is bad, under thermal radiation, the skin is very prone to knot, even lupus. This is mainly because trace elements in molten steel during thermal dissipation, open pores and the human body, the body pores is turned off, will appear red spot or bumps. The trace elements in liquid steel mainly include carbon and manganese. XingHua dainan epa how much is the phone number, please answer: why in 2018 on May 24th to switch off the dainan intermediate frequency furnace and we recycle waste, how to deal with? Wants the government to give us a definite answer, why not give us a buffer of time.
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