Wuxi - smelting equipment manufacturer Heating return air increase smelting fault

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-24
Wuxi melting equipment manufacturer heating return air increase melting fault of heating return air is growth in wuxi smelting equipment reasonable wrong one. The bottom of the heater can increase focus combustion, ascending temperature control, raise the temperature of molten irons. When warm air temperature is 200 ℃, liquid iron temperature can improve 10 ~ 20 ℃, the heater temperature is above 500 ℃, liquid iron temperature of 100 ℃. If keep the liquid iron temperature does not change, can relatively reduce coke consumption, and can increase the rate of melting. In addition, heng Yang wuxi smelting equipment manufacturers choose warm wind make temperature control, can not only reduce the silicon, manganese alloy elements such as air oxidation erosion, and the ability to increase the rate of carburization, reduce resulfurization rate, very island is 3. 6 high wind cold dampness is especially obvious actual effect, iodine, this selects the high temperature heater can improve the recycled waste scrap steel than 3. In 2 cases, and even can use waste steel, also can use steel 1. 3 low quality raw materials such as iron pin as recycled waste, the match of moss 150% above. Smelting equipment - Crucible disc - structure design of melting equipment Shift furnace smelting equipment - high coal consumption energy intensive way Double effective protection of precious metals smelting equipment | the characteristics of medium frequency melting furnace
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