Wuhan - vertical quenching machine tool manufacturer Hardening rate of 96. 6%

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-11-26
Heng Yang wuhan vertical quenching machine tool manufacturers take 100 pieces of transmission shaft, in straightening before heat treatment. 85 pieces of contour standard after quenching, success rate 85%. The remaining 15 profile deviation. But not all centralized gets a small deviation category. Heng Yang wuhan sampling transmission shaft, vertical quenching machine tool manufacturer in straightening before heat treatment. 102 pieces of contour standard after quenching, success rate 95%. The remaining 6 profile deviation, but also are centralized in up to 30 mm in a deviation category. The one with all the 240 pieces of the shaft furnace size for straightening before heat treatment. Lateral mass solution after 232 contour standard after quenching, the success rate of 96. 6% and the remaining eight pieces of deformation, but also the centralized in a small amount of deviation category. Heng Yang after the vertical quenching machine tool manufacturer in wuhan, in all the normal production of conditioning treatment has been applied in front of the straightening process, through the life practice, a total manufacturing solved more than 3000 tons of transmission shaft, after heat treatment, bending profile above the machine frame rate also can do a satisfactory effect, greatly reduce the conditioning treatment after straightening of labor and the operators of labor efficiency. Vertical intermediate frequency quenching machine tool - Auto fittings
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