Wuhan - intelligent quenching machine tool manufacturer Realizing unmanned production

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-11-26
Heng Yang wuhan intelligent quenching machine tool manufacturers flat stainless steel and heat treatment process for many years of experimental science research and the heat treatment process practice as the basic, basic theory of heat treatment of stainless steel plate, heat treatment, heat treatment process should pay attention to the problem and the relevant professional knowledge, with the experience and results of heng Yang as management system, has the greatly strengthened. Wuhan intelligent quenching machine tool manufacturer is basic knowledge, vacuum pump heating heat treatment process characteristics, all kinds of heat treatment processing processing technology and the typicality of parts heat treatment processing cases, and briefly introduced all kinds of vacuum heat treatment equipment. Technological process: preparation a torsion, in addition to the stress relieving grinding two end face a hardening machine quenching medium temperature tempering a surface peening pressure forming a correction for the second time in addition to the stress relieving a check is a blue ( Black) Processing packaging warehousing. Eliminate stress hardening machine in addition to the purpose of annealing is cold around because of plastic deformation and internal stress, normal temperature process for 420 ~ 440 ℃, heat preservation after 10 ~ 20 min air cooling or oil cooling. Heng Yang wuhan intelligent quenching machine tool manufacturers have 10 years' experience in the field of induction power supply technology engineers and r&d department, induction switch power supply safety of green environmental protection practical operation easily, can blend in changing the production and processing of natural environment, it is not easy to damage, equipment stand-alone applications, also can be done with intelligent robot intelligent manufacturing, technical professional technical after-sales service team, 24 hours service projects, the vertical quenching machine tool - quickly resolve the difficulties Improve yellow compressive strength, the yield limit, ductility and other multi-functional high frequency quenching machine tool - In the production of high quality, high life tool automatic loading and unloading material quenching machine tool - The one-piece quenching machine tool, convenient operation Cross section strength of large and medium-sized quenching machine tool - permeability layer Life expectancy increased by 30%
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