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by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-24
Heng Yang wuhan high frequency induction heating equipment manufacturers in the induction coil with cooling water, and limit at a lower temperature, but its outer layer still will suffer the effect of high temperature, therefore, application, type of insulation material is can meet the requirements, the regulation of nature it is not. Modern high temperature insulation material quality is very high, the designer can also be carried out in very wide category selection. In the past is in electrical conductor coil above a layer 1. 5 mm thick glass copper braid, then vacuum pump in high temperature, organic chemistry, the sea, but the service life of this kind of organic chemical paint will be shorter. Able to apply silicone resin invasion of glass ribbon half fold strapping jugular vein in air conditioning copper tube as waterproof casing. Heng Yang wuhan high frequency induction heating equipment manufacturers choose both can consider insulation provisions and has excellent high temperature properties of high temperature porcelain painting in the sense of hemp electromagnetic coil insulation materials. In manufacturing, induction coil, face some towel ask tap in weapon equipment, is convenient in load & emsp;   Heating conditions for different standards. Under the condition of dc, low volts per turn, thus in the middle of the just and insulation can is very few. In the heating furnace of traces of wear on the application of the working voltage is less than 1200 v, is generally very low, so need not advanced insulation materials. Heng Yang wuhan high frequency induction heating equipment manufacturers all wear made induction heating circle in the middle of the induction coil and steel are need thermal insulation material. Ex-wife-to-be kind be maintained the electromagnetic coil and its cable sheath from thermal radiation effect, and more in steel weeks plays the effect of heat preservation and heat insulation material. Wear made induction coil, heating applied in the structure of some typical ways of heat insulation. Stainless steel plate lined with only applied in the dc, because can make the lining in medium frequency furnace heating, in order to avoid circular induction flow, the lining can be generated along a longitudinal separation since the gap. Refractory insulation material porosity can be used for 760. C of asbestos rubber sheet; In any case, the temperature here above, be sure to induction coil, the concrete application of refractory insulation materials. Modern aluminum silicate fiber mat feet porcelain raw materials such as carbon carbon composite material aluminum silicon nylon fiber is available, this kind of raw material can be made into various shapes. Removable type of stainless steel plate slide plate can be used to reduce the damage of the furnace charge. High frequency induction heating equipment The output power of rectifier oscillators - high frequency induction heating equipment - induction coil voltage regulator for high frequency induction heating equipment Free collocation with the use of high frequency induction heating equipment Technology series - high frequency induction heating equipment With high frequency induction heating equipment - PLC process control system High voltage direct current (dc) is converted into a high frequency high voltage alternating current (ac)
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