With a small furnace molten silver how to operate

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-04-14
Homemade silver, such as making a silver bracelet, the weight of the silver bracelet is usually just a few grams, molten silver required quantity is not large, using a small furnace to smelt good. Small furnace top temperature of 1600 degrees, the advantages of small size, the characteristics of the melting fast. With a small furnace molten silver how small furnace operation using a simple operation, first turn on the power supply, cooling water pipe connection is good, put the crucible induction coil, join to molten silver or silver grains, and then open the power switch, the temperature adjustment button. When silver in the crucible temperature of 960 degrees or began to melt, about 2 minutes from heated to melting process completely. To silver piece completely melted, then turn off the power supply, with the crucible crucible clamps, pour into the prepared graphite in the slot. Graphite of silver can be completely frozen, after 10 seconds after solidification quickly using graphite crucible tongs flip tank emptied the silver bar, grip the silver bar after fast cooling completely immersed in water. After cooling of silver can use rolling line pressing machine, finally make a bracelet. Also can according to oneself to like to make a ring, or the use of wire drawing machine into a thin line in the necklace. Small furnace easy to use, except molten silver can also melting gold, K gold, copper, brass and other metals, meet the jewelry DIY enthusiasts to make fun of.
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