Why couldn't get on medium frequency melting furnace heating power

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-05-05
Medium frequency melting furnace, heating power can be analyzed from the following two conditions: low power thyristor intermediate frequency electric furnace device works well, higher power overcurrent or overvoltage protection action, this kind of situation can be inspection on the following parts: medium frequency melting furnace heating power, why couldn't get on (1) whether the main circuit of SCR components ageing, its current, voltage resistance value; (2) main circuit resistance capacity to absorb silicon controlled rectifier circuit is bad contact, with or without damage or break; (3) reactor, load inductor turn-to-turn insulation are in good condition; (4) cooling waterway have blocked, water temperature is too high, the water pressure is too low; (5) load compensation capacitor pressure drop; 6. Control system anti-jamming performance is declining ( Especially the SCR trigger circuit) With medium frequency melting furnace, because power rises, interference will increase, overcurrent or overvoltage protection may be false action; All landowners inverter circuit trigger the front foot is too small, when current rising, converter is not successful and make the over-current protection actions; Today the main circuit waveform is normal (silicon controlled rectifier Rectifier circuit output is lack of phase, whether the inverter circuit output phase) ; Pet-name ruby main circuit of insulation is falling; Attending a through the pressure setting value without change. 2, dc voltage and frequency voltage all can send rating, and dc current is very low, when the maximum Ud to still cannot send out of intermediate frequency power rating, according to the following conditions: (1) inverter trigger led front foot Settings; (2) the load of induction furnace and compensation capacitor mismatch, equivalent impedance load current is too high.
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