Which is more suitable for the stove melting aluminum

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-04-28
Until they liquefied furnace used to make solid material overheating. Usually, the heat treatment equipment is used for through careful to increase its temperature to change material surface or internal characteristics. In the case of metal, which is often at the expense of the hardness and strength increase the ductility. This needs to be able to produce and maintain industrial furnace melting point temperature below materials. In order to obtain uniform melting mixture, the furnace must be able to produce a continuous time and maintain the required temperature. There are several kinds of furnace structure is able to perform the process. In this article, the son Lin electromechanical will explore the available on the market today some of the major types of furnaces. Which is more suitable for the stove melting aluminum one, melting furnace melting furnace melting furnace furnace usually include spindle shaped arrangement of vertical heating chamber, filled with combustible material layer, such as coke and limestone. Entrance to allow air into the chamber to facilitate combustion, melting furnace and work the door make can easily into the lowest part of the furnace. This is the place where reduction of raw material of molten mixture, can through the nozzle at the bottom of the squeeze out periodically. Melting furnace is the first choice for black metal foundry melting process tools. The architecture is simple and strong, but safe discharge and control must be considered. Usually, the top of the furnace top will cover an innovative filter, used to remove gaseous waste of the particles. Two, the working principle of induction melting furnace and induction furnace melting furnace type is completely different. They use embedded in the crucible of coiled heating element or integrated into the wall of the heating chamber itself. They converts electrical energy into heat and radiation through material, has excellent thermal evenness. Limit use of combustible fuels in the facilities, especially for conventional melting applications, can be converted into daily operation of personnel and parts more secure. Made of metal and ceramic refractory heating spiral wound induction coil can prolong the service life, and good compatibility with other control device. Thermal cycle can be automated, and can implement additional control to reduce the toxic metals in metal furnace of steam generation and emissions. Three, from the electrical melting furnace Lin Lin machinery specially designed for demanding applications and build custom heat treatment equipment. We can design melting furnace for standard casting processing, or for the research and development of new fields such as crystal growth furnace design.
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