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by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-09-28
Induction heating equipment, also known as industrial electromagnetic induction heating equipment, metal heat treatment plant is used for steel bar, steel pipe, steel billet, steel, aluminum rods at the heart of the metal artifacts such as heating equipment, many users buy induction heating equipment are extremely concerned about the price, the market on which brand of induction heating equipment price is cheap, but the quality is good? Which brand of cheap induction heating equipment? Here to recommend the foshan constant Yang mechanical and electrical, mechanical and electrical company is foshan foshan sea established induction heating equipment manufacturers, the production of intermediate frequency induction heating equipment, low price, quality, reliable, stable performance, has been on the market the majority of users to buy the object. 1, heng Yang electrical have long-term and stable supply channels, induction heating equipment manufacturing material purchase cost is stable, quality is stable; 2, rich design experience, mature production technology, perfect management system, and makes a lot of can effectively control the cost of production inputs, with low production and high quality qualified equipment; 3, factory direct sale, all the factory equipment for foshan constant Yang docking with the customer, no middleman, no extra expense, rein the factory each checkpoint. Foshan city heng Yang mechanical and electrical equipment co. , LTD. , is the domestic earlier developed in high frequency induction heating equipment manufacturers, gathered a number of specialized is engaged in induction heating equipment engineering specialists, r&d, design, manufacture, sales and service in a body private enterprise. Has a strong r&d team, rich experience, according to the workpiece and process customized automatic induction heating equipment, free of charge to provide customers with personalized technology solutions. And a complete after-sales service system in various areas of the country, enabled us to win the trust of many domestic enterprises, experience for them to provide quality products and services, welcome to visit company. Heng Yang machinery has been made in research and development the whole column of induction heating equipment, high-frequency heating machine, high frequency welding machine, high frequency quenching equipment, intermediate frequency furnace, medium frequency melting furnace, ultra-high frequency induction heating machine, ultrasonic frequency induction heating equipment, and form a complete set of intermediate frequency forging furnace, automatic nc quenching machine tool, cold water machine and related equipment, widely used in metal processing industry, such as metal preheating, high frequency welding ( Brazing) , hot forming, quenching, annealing, smelting, heat process purchase induction heating equipment such as surplus or seek professional manufacturer heng Yang mechanical and electrical induction heating equipment advantages described how to choose the environmental crackdown on the induction heating equipment? Induction heating equipment which good? Guangdong traveled to choose heng Yang induction heating equipment which everyone says it is used
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