What will you pay attention to handling process of medium frequency melting furnace

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-05-01
On smelting industry, medium frequency melting furnace plays an irreplaceable role, because of the particularity of its usage environment, the performance of the equipment must meet the relevant requirements, operating properly, the maintenance is proper, and in handling the issues need to pay attention to by the wear and damage, can't let its need to pay attention to some problems in handling. What will you pay attention to handling process of medium frequency melting furnace 1, not out of the machine use lifting equipment lifting, must pay attention to the position of the ropes and safety. 2, in any case, shall not make medium frequency melting furnace are violent vibration or excessive tilt. 3, intermediate frequency furnace in transport packaging shall not be upside down. 4, should first check the machine when the external situation, and check the intermediate frequency furnace fasteners in loose change, need to adjust the processing before trial. Intermediate frequency furnace furnace building three bags ( 75公斤) Even in a crucible of the lateral and three alternate ramming tamping 5 - at a time For 10 minutes until filled with crucible tube parallel. Pay attention to the bottom at least three layer to fully consolidate, because hardly shake the bottom furnace building machine. In the process of shaking every three to five centimeters into a knot, each knot surface vibration more than 5 minutes. Until the vibrations to the crucible 30 centimeters. Lining should be played at a time, resolutely put an end to start again the next day, avoid dust isolation lining material. Be careful not to touch the bad equipment in handling, lest affect running effect, cause waste, increase the cost. So in all aspects of medium frequency melting furnace, using the details specification to use, must pay attention to ensure its normal operation.
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