What should we do with quenching machine tool when use a failure

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-04-19
Heavy cold furnace in quenching machine tool for a time, equipment to present all the electric parameters and a hint sound is normal, but the equipment power cannot rise and presents the flow maintenance problems, we today is to work out this problem. How quenching machine tool when use malfunction should be dealt with high quenching, small deformation, heating depth and heating trajectory brief control, easy automation, end not demand according to the different parts like induction hardening standard planning corresponding induction coil, for large parts of processing also need by the chemical heat treatment such as carburizing and quenching furnace standard of bondage, so in many industrial fields is gradually replace the traditional technology such as chemical and induction hardening heat treatment. Is especially important before and after laser quenching deformation of the workpiece can almost ignored, so especially suitable for high accuracy requirements parts surface treatment. The depth of the high frequency quenching machine tool according to the standard and component composition, shape and the different laser technology parameters, usually at 0. 3 to 2. 0 mm between planning. Of large gear tooth surface, journal of large shaft parts for quenching, surface roughness foundation is constant, not demand subsequent machining can meet the needs of practical conditions. Fused laser quenching technique is to use laser beam above the substrate surface is heated to melt temperature, melt layer because of the base material internal heat conduction cooling surface fast cooling and crystallization process of technology. Get fused quenching organization is very close, organization of melt - along the depth direction Coacervate phase transformation hardening layer, heat affected zone and base material. Presents the problems of the trouble may be because the inverse transformation flow Angle is too small. We can use an oscilloscope to the thyristor inverter commutation Angle to investigate, and then adjust commutation Angle to relatively appropriate values.
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