What medium frequency melting furnace charging operation

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-05-06
Medium frequency melting furnace with high heating efficiency, at work process using the characteristic such as good repeatability, is accepted by more and more manufacturers, medium frequency melting furnace charging, if improper operation, not only easy to operation failure and even accidents. Zi Lin electromechanical equipment co. , LTD. , on today to talk to you. Medium frequency melting furnace charging operation what note first of all, to join in the intermediate frequency furnace raw materials issued by the engineer in strict accordance with the ingredients list of demands, partial into, measurement accuracy requirements, and make records. Second, are not allowed to join any wet within medium frequency melting furnace burden, don't allow to molten iron in join with deep hole or seal the container classes of scrap steel, keep a splash of scalding accidents, metal smelting process unless charging and the tapping process, ban fan blowing straight front, in order to prevent heat loss. Finally, in the process of the intermediate frequency electric furnace charging, observed at any time that needed to melt, prevent it from 'scaffolding' iron and closed at the top of the freeze. Found 'scaffolding' and closed at the top of the freeze, can be tilted to furnace, reduce the power to melt, let iron liquid from the front of the melt, melt back to normal. Save electricity energy saving effects of medium frequency melting furnace are also very good, in use can be replaced different materials with different weight, different ways of the furnace of the furnace to meet the requirements of all kinds of smelting, medium frequency melting furnace using subminiature of medium frequency induction heating power supply and the traditional medium frequency power supply, heating and diathermancy good temperature uniformity. Medium frequency melting furnace installation and operation is very convenient to learn the will, medium frequency melting furnace with ultra small volume, light weight the characteristics of the removable covers an area of less than 1 square meters, within 36 hours to uninterrupted smelting capacity.
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