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by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-27
High frequency quenching can produce different metal parts, and many different kinds of parts, high frequency quenching with high precision and various parts manufacturing conditions, compared to traditional quenching equipment, heng Yang electrical high frequency quenching will work a lot of production were raised, production of finished products is also very fine.     The workpiece in the wind with the hollow copper pipe in sensors, access to intermediate frequency or high frequency alternating current (ac), formed in the surface with the frequency of the induced current, the workpiece surface rapid heating (or local Within a few seconds to temperatures of 800 ~ 1000 ℃, the heart is still close to room temperature) After several seconds quickly immediately spray ( Leaching) Water cooling ( Spray or immersion oil) Complete immersion fire work, make the surface or local meet corresponding hardness requirement.     High frequency quenching main methods: & emsp;   Induction heating surface quenching ( High frequency, intermediate frequency and power frequency) Flame heating surface quenching, electric contact heating surface quenching, heng Yang electromechanical electrolyte heating surface hardening, laser heating surface quenching, electron beam heating surface hardening.     Heng Yang electromechanical combination of rapid heating and quenching cooling immediately.     By rapid heating to treat processing on the surface of the steel quenching temperature, ranging from heat to center the rapid cooling, only make the surface hardening for martensite, the center is still not quenching of plasticity, toughness good annealing (original Or normalizing and tempering) Organization.     Frequency selection: & emsp;   At room temperature induced current into the depth of the workpiece surface delta ( mm) With the current frequency f ( HZ) As the frequency increases, the relationship between current penetration depth is reduced, reduce hardening layer.     The current commonly used the frequency are: & emsp;   1, high frequency heating: 100 ~ 500 KHZ, 200 ~ 300 KHZ, is commonly used for electron tube high frequency heating and hardening layer deeply 0. 5 ~ 2. 5 mm, suitable for small to medium sized parts.     2, intermediate frequency heating: current frequency is 500 ~ 10000 hz, the commonly used 2500 ~ 8000 hz, heng Yang mechanical and electrical power equipment for mechanical medium frequency heating device or SCR intermediate frequency generator. The depth of hardening layer 2 ~ 10 mm. Suitable for large diameter of axle, large gear, etc.     3, heating, power frequency current frequency 50 hz. Adopt mechanical heating power equipment, power frequency hardening layer depth can be up to 10 ~ 20 mm, suitable for surface quenching of large diameter workpieces.     There are many kinds of high frequency quenching of workpiece, the more different artifacts for high frequency quenching equipment configuration, so as to achieve equipment with artifacts is very high, so can achieve excellent quality and capacity. Heng Yang ( Hai rui Rio) In high frequency quenching machine tool which USES high frequency quenching equipment what induction quenching furnace good high frequency quenching machine what is the difference between high-frequency quenching furnace and high frequency quenching principle and method of guangdong for high frequency quenching equipment affect the length of the high frequency quenching gear high frequency quenching equipment in quenching crack reason and prevention measures high frequency quenching to improve the shortage problem of material hardness high frequency quenching and tempering process of the relationship and difference between
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