What kind of melting furnace zinc alloy smelting more energy efficient

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-04-06
Zinc alloy as zinc processing products, its application is very extensive. Induction furnace compared with other types of metal smelting equipment with low energy consumption, molten metal burning less, temperature and chemical composition control, products of good quality, high metal recovery, the advantages of flexible operation, good working environment, and induction furnace to the environment pollution is small, easy to production organization and management, is the production of zinc in the ideal equipment of high technology products. What kind of melting furnace zinc alloy smelting more energy efficient? Power frequency coreless induction furnace is an important thermal technology equipment of zinc alloy processing factory in the coreless induction furnace for zinc alloy processing has a history of nearly ten years. Although coreless furnace in improving product quality and enhance the qualified rate of products effect significantly, but widespread the problem of high power consumption. Such as 3 t, 300 kw coreless furnace, under the condition of continuous production, power consumption is 321 kw. H/t, 6 t, 600 kw coreless furnace power of 269 kw · h/t. At present, the power supply is very nervous, further reduce the power consumption of electrical equipment is a very urgent and important job. Reduce the power consumption of power frequency coreless furnace energy saving is of great significance not only, but also to the scientific use of coreless furnace and promotion has a positive role. Zinc alloy smelting processing energy consumption analysis of the recruitment frequency coreless induction furnace, use what melting furnace is more energy-saving. ( 1) Zhongtong sensors to alternating current (ac) generated in the process of electromagnetic energy due to the sensor resistance, inevitably produces loss on sensors, called copper loss ( 2) Electrical energy is converted to heat energy, most of them used for melting furnace charge, but through the furnace wall, furnace cover part will be lost, called lining heat loss. ( 3) When charging and released, electric furnace to open operation, at this time of electric furnace radiation loss of energy, this part is called radiant heat loss. ( 4) Distribution equipment such as transformer, capacitor, reactor and water-cooling cable, bus, etc. , also want to loss of energy, this part is called additional loss by actual measurement, 6 t, 600 kw coreless furnace when the cooling water pressure for 02 mpa water temperature of 31 ℃, the input power of the furnace P = copper loss P = 130 kw, 520 kw sensors lining heat loss Pk = 82 kw, radiant heat loss Pm = 93 kw, capacitor, additional loss Pc194kW water-cooling cable and so on.
Nowadays, the adoption of induction melting furnace in induction heating furnace with automatic feeder industry is quite common.
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