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by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-27
Now there are a number of parts processing enterprises in the use of induction heating power supply, this is a more advanced heating equipment at present. Then take you to see what is the induction heating power supply, induction heating power supply what advantage is there? What is the induction heating power supply & emsp;   Induction heating power source for heating metal materials, the fastest, most efficient and low energy consumption and environmental protection. It has been widely used in all walks of life the hot working of metal material, heat treatment, hot assembly, welding, melting process, etc. Induction heating power supply is made up of two parts, one part is to provide the energy of the ac power, also called variable frequency power supply; The other part is complete electromagnetic induction energy conversion of induction coil, said sensor. What is the induction heating power supply induction heating power supply what are the advantages & emsp;   Induction heating power supply with power MOSFET and IGBT devices and frequency conversion control technology, high efficiency, energy saving, the output power is bigger; With constant current and constant power control function, greatly optimize metal heating process, implement efficient and rapid heating, get a great play product superiority; Under the same condition is better than traditional tube high frequency heating equipment to save electricity double effect; With 100% load design, can work 24 hours a day in a row, can match the infrared measuring temperature to realize the automatic control of temperature, improve the quality of heating, simplifying the manual operation; Heat - Insulation - Cooling three time setting function, can obtain the required heat insulation process, to adapt to the place of heat and mass, repeatability; Have over-current, over-voltage, owe water, lack of phase, load unwell wait for a variety of status display, provide higher reliability and durability; According to the power and frequency selective power, the higher the frequency heating depth is shallow, the lower the frequency diathermy, the better;     What are the advantages & emsp induction heating power supply   The workpiece overall heating induction heating power supply which can not only, still can for local specific heat; Can realize the workpiece deep diathermy, also can only to the surface, the surface concentration heating; Not only can be directly heated metal materials, can also be for indirect heating nonmetal materials. And so on. Therefore, induction heating technology will be more and more widely applied in all walks of life. The surface of the workpiece with induced current local heating heat treatment process. This kind of heat treatment process is often used in surface hardening, also can be used for local annealing or temper, sometimes used for overall quenching and tempering. As steel, iron, copper, aluminum and alloy and mine industry needs, induction melting equipment has been popular, more and more industries apply the induction heating equipment, more and more into the induction heating equipment industry, more and more brands to enter the Chinese market. Foshan city heng Yang mechanical and electrical equipment co. , LTD. , is the domestic earlier developed in high frequency induction heating equipment manufacturers, gathered a number of specialized is engaged in the induction heating equipment, senior experts research, design, production manufacturing, sales and service in one of the high-tech private enterprises. Because of the outstanding professional so has a strong r&d team, rich experience, according to the workpiece and the technological customized automation induction heating equipment, free of charge to provide customers with personalized technology solutions. And regions throughout the country more perfect after-sales service system, enabled us to win the trust of many well-known domestic enterprises, experience for them to provide quality products and services, welcome to visit company. Heng Yang machinery has been made in research and development of induction heating equipment: all intermediate frequency induction heating equipment, high frequency induction heating machine, medium frequency melting furnace, super audio heating machine, ultra high frequency heating equipment and form a complete set of medium frequency diathermy forging furnace, CNC quenching machine tool, cold water machine and related equipment, widely used in metal processing industry, such as metal preheating, high frequency welding ( Brazing) Diathermy, forming, quenching, annealing, smelting, heat surplus process etc
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