What is the IGBT melting furnace?

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-27
Many companies will use specifications variety of melting furnace, but a few master what is IGBT melting furnace? Estimate the IGBT with what this mean, the annual personnel is not necessarily control. Therefore, first to learn about what is IGBT. IGBT and called the thyristor module, silicon controlled induction heating power supply is foshan constant Yang after over 10 years experience in practice, advancing with The Times, development and design with intelligent automation technology of induction heating power supply, it selects the SCR for key inverter power supply, the three-phase alternating current flows through the dc rectifier, filter, inverter power supply such as phase transformation for single-phase electric high frequency alternating current, to MAO embryo intermediate frequency, metal melting and induction quenching, quenching, welding manufacturing industry. Selects the melting furnace of IGBT induction heating power supply, the machine is more strong and durable. While foshan constant melting furnace of induction heating power supply is chosen it is authentic German brand infineon IGBT control module, infineon IGBT module into control, KS series products, KT series products, such as RT series products, according to the different frequency with different series products. Heng Yang melting furnace is divided into three kinds: dump type furnace, the ejection type furnace and the mobile medium frequency melting furnace, you can according to your purchase right IGBT melting furnace. How to judge the quality of the melting furnace - Heng Yang high-frequency medium frequency furnace melting furnace USES imported spare parts - (optional 1000/300Hz) Dual-frequency power supply
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