What factors will affect the energy consumption of melting furnace?

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-04-29
Melting furnace are all electromagnetic induction heating furnace, it USES is the manner in which electrical energy is converted to heat energy for smelting forging. Electromagnetic induction heating furnace power of inverter adopts integrated IGBT power components, integrates the function of driving, equal protection, lock, use custom low composite bus feeling, high insulation level, low leakage inductance, IGBT in parallel flow effect is good, power components, high reliability, energy consumption reduced by 10%. Melting furnace relative to other melting furnace, it is more save electricity, more energy efficient. When it comes to energy saving problem and what factors affect the energy consumption of the furnace? Let's take a look. What factors will affect the energy consumption of melting furnace? 1, clean degree on the surface of the melt furnace charge, such as 5% of sundry, USES 5% of electricity to melt these impurities, can also affect the lining life; Burden block length appropriate or not will affect the quality of electric furnace electrical efficiency and melting, is 200 ~ 300 mm piece; 2, use the appropriate crucible refractory can increase the rate of melting, quartz crucible refractory, tie-in using medium frequency furnace, metal material within the crucible through the induction heating heat, can reduce the consumption of heat transfer. 3, the power configuration of induction furnace power density. Configuration is high, the melting speed, energy-saving effect is good. Electric furnace can keep high power continued to deliver within power, will affect the energy consumption of high and low; Intermediate frequency furnace power configuration, can affect the processing capacity of power supply, lead to an unstable power, the power conversion efficiency is low, affect the energy consumption. 4, improper operation caused by high energy consumption of metal liquid superheat, constantly furnace not only security of produced liquid, on energy consumption and melting process is also wrong. General electric sensor consists of two parts, when the furnace metal level less than half the upper sensor, the resistance change, there will be no induced current through the upper sensors, and all concentrated in the lower sensor, overheating, the lower metal liquid scour the furnace wall, furnace lining life fell sharply.
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