What confirmation method of medium frequency melting furnace are power

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-04-30
Power medium frequency induction heating equipment of molten aluminium furnace type structure and working principles of the intrusive and heating furnace, the temperature and heat exchange method, heating data types and technical process requirements, and front-rear measures related to the factors such as furnace charging quantity. Power planning accounting method has two kinds of experience and theoretical method. Accounting experience method is concise, but the limitations, only applies to certain finalize the design structure of the heating furnace. For planners with practice experience, selects the pertinence of the experience of accounting method, can more accurately determine quickly work string, but the experience formula selection is improper, calculation results of error is bigger. Power of medium frequency melting furnace are confirm what are the theoretical method is to choose power measured heat balance method, simply is the heat supply of electric heating element should be equal to the heating furnace in the process of heating demand takes various heat summation, then conclude that heating power. Because of various elements of the theory method to think about the impact of power has universal significance to the conclude that the heating power, achievement compared to push it. Heat balance calculation method can also assist planners analyze comments influence various kinds of stove power for Beijing. For some special stove, lack of practical experience, or planners choose heat balance calculation method of contrast. However, the elements of accounting requirements when thinking more, accounting program's mad, hit a lot of parameters in calculation and heat calculation method, if choose wrong, will form a larger error. When cannot judge state of sintering temperature can adjust eight area, to find the approximate adjustment node, and then slowly fine-tuning. When trimming, we can according to the state in the backcourt. If the back slightly, is due to overheating, so should be fine-tuning temperature. Before sintering, must confirm the heat lamp whether can work normally. Check the area light output power is hotter than other area light average power, to ensure that the average sintering. Vacuum sintering furnace is made by heating to reduce material in the shape of a device or object. It can reduce the gap within the object, gradually gathered grain boundary, connection solid particles gradually, thus increasing the density of polycrystalline sinter equipment, reduce the object. As we all know, for lead smelting furnace equipment, it is a kind of high energy consumption and high pollution equipment, we will take it away from the downtown, the relatively small impact on our lives. If it is later don't use this kind of lead smelting furnace of equipment? Of course, the answer is 'no', the key lies in technological innovation, using the new process and technology, to choose new material that is key problem.
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