What are vacuum melting furnace common fault

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-04-11
The vacuum melting furnace in use after a long period of time will appear some fault, this is inevitable. Lin electromechanical equipment co. , LTD. Small make up today will when failure occurs, and you talk about what to do. Vacuum melting furnace common failure what 1, failure phenomenon: vacuum melting furnace running normally, but in normal over-current protection action when burned more is KP thyristor and the fast fuse. Analysis: when the over-current protection in order to power grid, flat wave reactor of energy released by the rectifier rectifier bridge state to the inverter state, at this time if the alpha & gt; 120 degrees; , it is possible to cause active inverter subversion and burned more than thyristor and the fast fuse, switch jump is accompanied by huge short-circuit current explosion, a large current and electromagnetic force impact of transformer, serious when damage to the device. 2, fault phenomenon: vacuum melting furnace running normally, but working in the area near a high voltage equipment is not stable, dc voltmeter, shaking device with a squeaky voice, this situation is extremely easy to cause subversion burned thyristor inverter bridge. Analysis: this kind of fault more difficult to eliminate, multiple light was born in spite of a high pressure equipment ( 1) Vacuum melting furnace the connection of copper platoon joint screw loosening caused lighter ( 2) Circuit breaker main joint oxidation lighter ( 3) Compensation capacitor connection screw loosening, flint, compensation capacitance internal resistance capacity to absorb the electric spark ( 4) Water-cooled radiator insulated part too dirty or carbonized to strike ( 5) Vacuum melting furnace induction coil, furnace lining on the furnace shell/furnace bottom lighter, induction coil, furnace lining too close to turn spacing, turn-to-turn lighter or arc. Fixed the insulation of induction coil, furnace lining sparking discharge column due to the high temperature carbonization ( 6) Thyristor light inside.
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