What are the pitfalls - for induction heating equipment Foshan constant Yang mechanical and electrical company

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-09-29
Induction heating equipment purchase what are the pitfalls customers to buy what misunderstanding induction heating equipment? In contact with the customer for the purchase of induction heating furnace is a common misconception. In order to let everyone can buy high quality equipment, heng Yang manufacturer to several common pitfalls to introduce as follows: a myth: just look at power, frequency is not through standard, fasteners, etc under the condition of heat, heating workpiece diameter greater than 60 mm phi, should choose the intermediate frequency equipment, this kind of circumstance can use high frequency machine outside the artifacts to produce 'heat', the 'black heart' ( Known as 'dirty') At a discount greatly, not only frequency and down mold life was also damaged mould, has no intention of net cost increase, but don't know why. This is the constant Yang factory met many clients will have this kind of problem. Erroneous zone 2: only the models, avoided power medium frequency induction heating equipment fittings such as the input current in single-phase 120 a ~ I input power is 120 kva, generally referred to as the 120 machine, lead to buy back before he realized the real power 80 kva, showed up cheap, in fact then just ate kui. Myth 3: only the output, avoided input ignored the induction heating furnace efficiency and power factor, and after I find to buy fittings is 'blade', affordable, with no awkward loops. For example 80 machine is same, but one is the input power 80 kva, one is the output power of 80 kw, but facilities vary a lot though working efficiency can also be heating for us politics and power but let users buried three hatred of four. The input power output of 80 kw facilities to achieve 120 kva. Myth 4: the typical 'little knowledge play on behalf of the' class, this class is the most common customer, heng Yang manufacturers meet customer itself have a certain understanding of induction heating, and then in accordance with the law as long as oneself idea type power machine, always think the sales staff recommend more powerful or other types of is cheating on him. And then buy back after use according to oneself idea, find practical application can not meet the requirements of the heart. It is easy to understand with the machine itself the output and the actual model on reference. The second is absolute operation is dependent on the materials. So in general you just quote us what products do you need heating process specific requirements, such as the length of the how much how much heating time and heating temperature and so on. The professional people do professional, sales of recommend you recommend must have his reasons. Finally, each manufacturer is not the same as the model of the definition of power frequency above all when choose to purchase induction heating equipment, can undertake reference, provide high quality products, is that we always follow the principle of! Heng Yang induction heating equipment price is expensive or not? Heng Yang inductive heating energy conservation and environmental protection? Guangdong induction heating equipment which guangdong foshan induction heating equipment which good? More reliable brand quality here? The two techniques of induction heating power supply in detail
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