What are the parts affect the price of intermediate frequency furnace

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-04-28
Especially the development of intermediate frequency furnace industry faster and faster, with the industry constantly improve the production technology of medium frequency furnace, improve equipment components. Nowadays, intermediate frequency furnace equipment in China is not only good performance, reliable operation, and the price is gradually open and transparent. Various types of intermediate frequency furnace equipment on the market, the price is different, what affect the price of intermediate frequency furnace? What parts affect the price of intermediate frequency furnace is general SCR and electric power capacitor: medium frequency power supply equipment is the most important components of silicon controlled rectifier and electric power capacitor. First of all, each manufacturer production of intermediate frequency power supply equipment, chooses the SCR and electric power capacitor, medium frequency melting furnace quality in general is reliable, just choose different manufacturers; Any manufacturer quality unstable period, and large scale of enterprise quality less volatile. But there is some difference in how much is the price of electric furnace manufacturer understands, this price has been volatile. And other small components, such as capacitor, resistance, plastic wire, water-cooled cables, water pipes, all kinds of transformers, etc. , on the choice will be the cost difference. Power distribution cabinet: formal product configuration should be equipped with automatic switch of power distribution cabinet ( Thousands of yuan) The low price does not include in the equipment price. Capacitance ark: low-cost equipment users need to solve the capacitance is put and fixed the problem by themselves. Pipe clamp: regular equipment with good stainless steel hose clamp, and low-cost equipment can use ordinary wire. And low-cost equipment production, are generally by individuals of a few people together with the closest relatives, many customers generally don't even have the conditions of the pre-sale debugging, there will be no more normal warranty, no extra staff to service, only to find out some not fixed maintenance personnel engaged in the commissioning of low-cost equipment service commitments is commonly: equipment of the main components and parts for SCR and intermediate frequency capacitor, if appear quality problem, all these components of silicon controlled rectifier and capacitor manufacturer is responsible for, can exchange back and back to the factory, and other problems, the user should bring repair ability to solve. So the concrete medium frequency furnace accessories price is not stable.
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