What are the medium frequency melting furnace regular inspection

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-04-05
In order to ensure the normal use of intermediate frequency furnace and prolong the life of equipment, the need when users in their daily use of intermediate frequency furnace for regular maintenance. So what are the specific inspection on what aspects? Face Lin electromechanical equipment price of intermediate frequency furnace under small make up to introduce to everyone, for reference only. What medium frequency melting furnace regularly check 1 and regularly check whether the water cooling pipe joint sealing medium frequency furnace is firm to use tap water, well water as cooling water resource of induction heating equipment, easy stockpile scale, affect the cooling effect. In the plastic conduit ageing crack, should be replaced in a timely manner. Intermediate frequency electric furnace equipment running in the summer, will use the tap water well water cooling condensation occur easily, should consider using a closed water circulation cooling system. Lon serious when should stop running. 2, check the wiring of intermediate frequency furnace load are in good condition and are reliable. Regularly cleared in medium frequency power supply cabinet dust, especially silicon controlled rectifier tube core is external, want to use alcohol to wipe clean, running frequency conversion device generally has special room, but the actual work environment is not ideal. In smelting forging process, the dust is very big, strong vibration; In medium frequency furnace heating quenching process, often near the pickling phosphating and operation equipment, there are more corrosive gas, these will damage to device components, decreases the insulation strength of the device. The dust is large, this element surface discharge can occur. Therefore need to pay attention to often clean the original surface dust, prevent failure. 3, regular of intermediate frequency furnace equipment maintenance of the various parts of the induction heating equipment check and tighten the bolt and nut pressure, contactor relay contact is loose or poor contact, shall be promptly repaired change, don't scrape, prevent to cause more accidents.
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