What are the major advantages of the medium frequency melting furnace

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-05-01
Medium frequency melting furnace are mainly used for active metal and refractory metals and hard alloy, magnetic materials and sintered stainless steel, etc. Medium frequency melting furnace are actually low voltage ( The reduced pressure) Sintering. The higher the vacuum degree and more close to the neutral atmosphere, and material without any chemical reaction. What are the major advantages of the medium frequency melting furnace, 1) Late vacuum adsorption gas is beneficial to eliminate, to promote the sintering shrinkage effect is obvious. ( 2) Vacuum is advantageous to the silicon, aluminum, magnesium, calcium and other impurities or its oxide ruled out, have the effect of purification material. ( 3) Vacuum can improve the wettability of liquid phase sintering, is advantageous in the process of sintering shrinkage and improve the organizational structure of the alloy. ( 4) Vacuum is an ideal inert atmosphere, when should not use other reducing or inert gases, or prone to decarburization, carburized materials, medium frequency melting furnace can be used. ( 5) To reduce the harmful composition in atmosphere ( Water, oxygen, nitrogen, etc. ) For the product. For example, the requirements for the water content in the electrolytic hydrogen to dew point - 40 ℃ is difficult; And vacuum sintering, vacuum degree as long as the dew point - in hundreds of Pa is equivalent to water content 40℃。 Under the vacuum liquid phase sintering, the volatilization of binding metal loss is an important problem. This will not only change and the influence of alloy composition and organization structure finally, but also hinder the role of sintering process itself. Bonding metal evaporation loss, mainly in the late sintering ( The heat preservation stage) To happen. The longer the holding time, the more volatile loss of binding metal. Therefore, compound impurities, moisture to react with carbon materials, such as generating CO over the grate. The furnace pressure, reduce the amount of total carbon in the alloy. Obviously, the change of carbon content depends on the oxygen content in raw material powder and sintering in vacuum. Both the higher, generates carbon monoxide reflect the easier it is for, decarburization are more serious. Vacuum sintering of intermediate frequency furnace with gas protection in sintering process, there is no fundamental difference between just lower sintering temperature, general can reduce 100 ~ 150 ℃. It is beneficial to prolong the life of medium frequency melting furnace and reduce power consumption.
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