What are the application of high frequency quenching equipment shaft surface

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-01
'What are the application of high frequency quenching equipment shaft surface? Shaft surface high frequency quenching equipment is dedicated to axial workpiece quenching induction heating equipment, such as direct axis, eccentric shaft, camshaft, crankshaft, half shaft, gear shaft, spline shaft, optical axis, transmission shaft, pin shaft axial workpiece in order to prolong its service life, such as the need for quenching heat treatment. 'The principle of high frequency quenching equipment shaft surface: artifacts in sensors, sensor is generally high frequency alternating current (ac) input the hollow copper pipe. In alternating magnetic field in the workpiece to produce induced current with frequency, the induced current distribution in the workpiece is not uniform, strong on the surface, and in the internal is very weak, the heart is close to zero, use the skin effect, can make the rapid heating surface, the surface temperature to rise to 800 - a few seconds 1000º C, and the core temperature is small. Shaft surface hardening workpiece surfaces only high frequency quenching equipment, heating speed is faster, more efficient, also won't oxidation other parts of the workpiece, workpiece quenching heat treatment of high quality. Heng Yang intelligent technology co. , LTD. High frequency quenching equipment input voltage is usually a three-phase 50-380 v The power from 50 to 60 hz, 500 kw, optional equipment frequency, can choose according to the requirements of the quenching workpiece. The application of high frequency quenching equipment shaft surface have? 1, the surface of high frequency quenching equipment not only to the axial workpiece quenching, also can accomplish quenching heat treatment of gear, chain wheel, and other artifacts ( Just replace sensors) And adaptable. 2, welding carbide cutting tools, diamond cutter welding, such as welding diamond saw blades, abrasive, serrate. 3, heating plate, bending forming. Standard parts, fasteners, diathermy molding. Hardware tools diathermy, such as pliers, wrenches, etc heating through thermoforming.
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