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by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-17
What are medium frequency induction heating equipment maintenance skills? Medium frequency induction heating equipment in heating, melting, hardening, welding and other fields have broad application, however, because the device output power is larger, the electronic components are more likely to occur due to high temperature system failure. What are the medium frequency induction heating equipment maintenance skills? A routine inspection, system ( 1) Power: use a multimeter to measure the main circuit switch ( Ac contactor) And control the fuse is there, behind that would rule out the possibility of these components circuit.   ( 2) Rectifier, the selection of three-phase rectifier bridge rectifier circuit, it involves six quick fuse, six thyristor, six pulse transformer and a fly-wheel diode. On the fast fuse has a red indicator, indicator when normal shrinkage in the chassis, when burning of fuse break it will pop up, some of the fast fuse indicator too loose or too tight, when the fuse to burn, it get stuck inside, so to be on the safe side, can use a multimeter discontinuity measure of fuse, to determine if it burn out.   ( 3) Inverter: inverter contains four fast thyristor and four pulse transformer, according to the above methods will be a routine check.   ( 4) Every winding transformer: each transformer should be general, general original edge about dozens of ohm resistance value, very few ohms. Should pay attention to: intermediate frequency voltage transformer primary side and the load in parallel, so its resistance value is zero.   ( 5) Parallel capacitor, and load of electric capacitor are likely to be punctured, capacitor group generally installed in the condenser rack, routine inspection should make sure the breakdown capacitor group. Disconnect each group of capacitor bus bus and the main bus connection between each group of capacitor measurement of the resistance between the two bus, normal should be infinite. Confirm the bad group, and then disconnect each electric capacitor to soft copper bus-bar by routine inspection can find the breakdown of the capacitor. Each electric capacitor is composed of four core, casing is an extremely, another pole respectively by four insulator to end cover, generally there will be only one core is punctured, jumped on the insulator, lead the capacitor can continue to use, its capacity is 3/4 of the original. Another system failure of capacitor is leak phenomenon, generally does not affect the use, but it is important to pay special attention to the fire safety. Capacitor installation Angle and the capacitor is insulation, if insulation breakdown will make the primary loop grounding, measuring capacitor between casing and capacitor lead resistance, can judge this part of the insulation condition. Second, to start work after abnormal maintenance & emsp;   Through the above check, usually can solve completely unable to start the common faults. After the work is unusual, usually in the following aspects: & emsp; ( 1) Rectifier lacks: the common faults show the abnormal sound at work, maximum output rise less than the rated working voltage, and power supply cabinet strange cry, then can reduce the output work at 200 v voltage fluctuation, use the oscilloscope to observe the output voltage waveform of the rectifier ( Oscilloscope should be placed in power synchronization) , when the normal input voltage waveform each cycle were six waveform, phase missing two. A common failure is usually due to a rectifier thyristor trigger pulse or trigger no only conduction, should then use oscilloscope first look at six rectifier thyristor gate pulse, if any, to turn it off after the multimeter 200 Ω measure each gate resistance, will not understand or large gate resistance especially the thyristor replacement is ok.   ( 2) Common faults: electromagnetic induction coil electromagnetic induction coil is load of intermediate frequency power supply, it USES wall thickness were made with 3 to 5 mm square copper. Its common faults has the following kinds: a. Electromagnetic induction coil is leaking, this will cause the coil turn-to-turn flint, must immediately repair welding. b。 Molten steel stick on the electromagnetic induction coil, steel slag fever, redness, cause copper pipe burn through, must be thoroughly clean up immediately. c。 Electromagnetic induction coil turn-to-turn short circuit, this kind of common faults in small medium frequency induction furnace is particularly prone to occur, due to the small stove, heat stress at work and appear deformation, cause the turn-to-turn short circuit, common faults show the working current is larger, working frequency higher than usual.
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