What about word-of-mouth of Hengyang ?
Hengyang now has been widely recognized by customers. Hengyang produced by high technology is of great performance and high quality, which has won more and more recognition from customers at home and abroad. Considerate and professional service offered by our skilled staff is spoken highly of by clients.

FoshanHengyangFurnaceManufacturingCo.,Ltd is a rolling mill company of enormous vitality, full of skilled artisans. Foshan Hengyang Furnace Manufacturing Co.,Ltd produces a number of different product series, including closed cooling tower. The production of Foshan Hengyang Furnace Manufacturing Company rolling mill machine is stringently monitored. The speed of this product can be adjusted steplessly. closed cooling tower has been spreaded into the global market for its high quality. The product makes low noise and features hearing protection for users.

Foshan Hengyang Furnace Manufacturing Company shares a fantastic dream of being a global continuous casting machine producer and wholesaler. Please contact us!
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