We pay attention to high frequency heating equipment in the application

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-04-06
As the star of the welding industry, the high frequency heating equipment has been the various companies and manufacturers use excellent products. Our company has always been a heating machine production leader. Today, small make up to introduce it to you. High frequency heating equipment what should pay attention to in the application of IGBT power modules, energy saving save electricity: 30% energy saving than the electron tube, than the thyristor medium frequency power saving 20%; Super audio frequency induction heating equipment stable performance, complete protection, no trouble back at home. Heating speed, induction heating, without oxidation layer, little deformation. Small volume: the split type structure, light weight, easy to move installation; Environmental: no pollution, no noise, dust-free. In the case of don't open the power installation heat sensors. Reduced pressure ring should keep good contact with the sensor. If there are oxide, please use the cloth or other methods to remove it. Adjust the clearance between the sensor and the workpiece and height, make its keep in parallel with the side panel. Induction heating and other artifacts conduction, convection and radiation to the heating temperature of the stove with completely different heating principle. Basic principle of high frequency induction welding machine is heating material ( The artifacts) Placed in with alternating current coil, and the effect of magnetic field in the workpiece due to the internal potential is induced. Under the action of the induced potential, produce eddy current in the workpiece, and eddy current generated by the eddy current. Achieve the purpose of heat energy. Artifacts in the uneven distribution of induced current, current density on the surface is the largest. This kind of phenomenon into a 'surface effect'. Through the depth of the induced current on the surface of the workpiece depends mainly on the current frequency ( Weeks per second) 。 The higher the frequency, the current penetration depth is shallow, the thinner hardening layer. Therefore, can use different frequencies to achieve different hardening depth. The hard layer. Many people worry about operation of the machine current and voltage instability. In fact, this concern is unnecessary. Medium frequency heating equipment as long as we are in accordance with the instructions provided by the company and technicians to teach you how to correct operation, won't appear afore-mentioned problems. 。 High frequency heating equipment is the most commonly used machine in the industry. The use of it can make our daily work more easily, and will not affect the work efficiency. This machine is because there are more and more people. To use and to believe in it. All kinds of hydraulic components and pneumatic components of high frequency quenching process. Such as plunger plunger pump, rotor pump rotor; Various valves of the reversing shaft, gear of the gear, etc. Heat treatment of metal parts. Such as all kinds of gear, chain wheel, all kinds of shaft, spline shaft, pin, such as high frequency quenching process. In the machine tool industry quenching machine tool guideway. It can be applied to metal annealing, also can be used in the cemented carbide cutting tools and cutting tool. In addition, the division of high frequency and low frequency corresponding to the specific purposes, strictly speaking, therefore, it is not allow to ignore. . More importantly, high-frequency metal melting furnace, brazing, heat treatment, through heat and other heating applications can highlight the characteristics of high temperature furnace heating metal materials. Worth knowing.
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