Vertical quenching machine process, strength can do

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-31
The vertical quenching machine technology is one kind of medium carbon steel, carry out water cooling quenching, or high frequency induction hardening. Another is the dominance of the high carbon steel, to carry out the liquid carbonitriding and blade in the surface of positive ion permeability cementite producing elements. High carbon steel nitriding quenching, historically has been extended hydrogen cyanide in water. Now the strict environmental protection, many factory use urea solution instead of hydrogen cyanide in cyanide carbon altogether permeability, actual effect is very good. Liquid carbon and nitrogen were weeping cold compound potassium chloride sodium oxide. With unique special fixture of circular saw blade wear, up and down at 720 c, hanging in a water-cooled furnace carried out above the heating temperature to the furnace, the furnace temperature control about the rate at which molecules to quickly reduce the temperatures permeate circular saw blade surface. Due to the temperature of 800 ℃ the following, have the carbonitriding layer of nitrogen density is higher than the carbon density. The lower the temperature, the greater the difference. When the temperature is 820 ~ 840 c, add a certain amount of impregnation agent. At this time the oxygen to infiltrate relativity, the nitrogen atoms combine relativity. But altogether permeability, can use a small amount of the effect of nitrogen, to accelerate the nitriding process, improvement of nitriding mechanism and features of purpose. Here, temperature, heat preservation time is too long, due to the increase in total infiltration rate with time and ease, reason is under the condition of high temperature dissolving evaporation too fast. Samples at 830 ℃ up and down, check the circular saw blade ductility, strength, bending, etc. Standard after the vertical quenching machine. As described in the vertical quenching machine process, strength can do; Bending side bending, floor plan, abnormal cross all do ministerial standard regulation; Alloy composition for nitrogen austenite in surface fine needle punctate residual martensite and a small piece of carbon compounds, bao hou about core area agencies for fibrous nitrogen austenite in the austenite. High frequency induction quenching machine tool solutions heng Yang is how to operate the high frequency induction hardening equipment? High frequency induction hardening surface heating way at the same time frequency induction hardening equipment for local heating need to pay attention to the product orientation of high frequency induction hardening equipment - Guangdong power producers - high frequency induction hardening equipment Improve the hardness and flexibility
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