Vacuum melting furnace use process should pay attention to the problem

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-04-11
Vacuum melting furnace furnace on the center of the department set up a stainless steel melting pool by sealing device and discharging guide fixed connection, discharging guide groove at the other end fixed in the furnace of the furnace wall, Melting pool at the top of the furnace cover center set up on the discharge screw, through melting pool into to discharge guide groove, discharging screw on the furnace cover side set the chimney of exports and melting pool connected; A new high-efficiency gas burner, gas for heating the raw material, high calorific value, melting speed, and the ability to move production, filled the gap of borax smelting equipment; With low energy consumption, high heat utilization rate, small volume, reasonable structure, convenient maintenance and low cost. The vacuum melting furnace 1 use process should pay attention to the problem. To liquid steel alloying, join one or several of alloying elements, to the finished product specifications of the operation process is referred to as alloying steel components. In most cases deoxidizing and alloying was conducted at the same time, to join part of deoxidizer in steel consumption of steel deoxidized, discharge into products; The other one is absorbed by the molten steel, alloying effect. Before the deoxidization action not complete, and deoxidizer adding alloy to be absorbed by the molten steel at the same time the effect of alloying called alloying. 2. Composition control, ensure that all finished steel components meet the requirements of the standard operation. Composition control throughout from ingredients to produce steel of each link, but the focus is on alloying of alloy element composition of the control. For high quality steel often requires precise control of the composition in a narrow range; Generally without affect the performance of steel, according to the medium and lower limit control. 3. Melting period, steel smelting period is mainly for open hearth and electric furnace steelmaking. Vacuum melting furnace steelmaking from molten iron to burden all over against the said melting period. Melting period's mission is to burden for melting and heat up as soon as possible and make good slag melting period. 4. Reduction period, the average power vacuum melting furnace steelmaking operation, usually the end of the oxidation of grilled slag to complete this paragraph of time is called the reduction period to the steel. Diffusion, its main task is to build reductive slag deoxidation, desulphurization, control of chemical composition and temperature adjustment.
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