Vacuum melting furnace heat treatment techniques

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-04-09
With the industrialization and development, vacuum melting furnace play an irreplaceable role in mold production, mainly used in ceramic sintering, vacuum smelting and electric vacuum parts in addition to gas, annealing, brazing of the metal, and ceramic Metal sealing and so on. Vacuum melting furnace has a good prospect for: heating, rolling, forging, bending, heat treatment, Quenching) , the welding process of induction heating, etc. The vacuum furnace and intermediate frequency electric furnace heat treatment techniques? Vacuum melting furnace heat treatment technique 1. Vacuum furnace processing of titanium alloy, unfavorable use nitrogen as cooling gas, because titanium and nitrogen reaction at high temperature, forming gold titanium nitride. 2. Vacuum furnace active connection parts are all made of type O rubber ring sealing connection, this part is cooled. 3. Workpiece quenching under a vacuum, vacuum quenching oil should be used, the oil has a lower saturated vapor pressure. 4. Vacuum furnace maintenance should be in the condition of vacuum or pure nitrogen inflator, avoid inspiratory when not in use at ordinary times, moisture absorption. 5. Domestic vacuum furnace pressure rise rate should not be greater than 1. 33 pa/h, some foreign enterprise standard of 0. 67 pa 6。 Vacuum heating is given priority to with radiation, should keep distance between artifacts in the oven. 7. Heating process, the workpiece will be deflated and furnace material, resulting in a vacuum. 8. Vacuum belt furnace should have the device of the fast cooling. Cooling water pressure should be greater than zero. 2 mpa, flow should be adjustable. 9. Cooling gas: ninety-nine percent commonly used steel. 995 purity of nitrogen, the high temperature alloy with ninety-nine percent. 999 nitrogen or argon, titanium alloy by ninety-nine percent. 995 argon gas. 10. Warming: after into the workpiece, the general drainage to 6 first. 67 pa can heat up when heated.
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