Vacuum intermediate-frequency furnace - Manufacturing is more practical significance

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-20
Measuring slag nitrogen volume test although under vacuum standard to denitrification rate is slow if there is a vacuum by the medium frequency melting furnace and vacuum equipment. Slag dechlorination and close to using new equipment manufacturing standards, thus causing everyone to pay attention to. Before the scientific research of key nitrogen concentration in the slag layer, the thermal characteristics of discuss the solubility of chlorine in slag, and leads to the definition of ammonia volume. The size of the chlorine volume shows that the slag of fluoride work ability. Scientific research slag volume of the chlorine in recent years most carried out inside the graphite crucible, the environment was monopolized by the mixed gas. As measured by nitrogen volume from the dangers of the crucible and the environment, the vacuum medium frequency melting furnace graphite crucible slag both environmental fork the hazards of nitrogen compounds in the composition. In order to eliminate this kind of harm, carried out under the platinum crucible, air standard measure of krypton volume test, under the standard measurement to nitrogen volume can be used to manufacture specific immediately, fork out a variety of factors in theory. Chloride diffusion coefficient, between the slag more visually reflect the slag denitrification ability to work. Although this kind of work ability to suffer from the harm of exsolution ingredients, but the actual steel nameplate or gold a purposeful, data information. Comprehensive considering the volume of nitrogen and diffusion coefficient of concrete guiding production has more realistic significance. By measuring the nitrogen in the slag composition and the manipulation of the oxygen partial pressure and ask for discharge of ammonia nitrogen partial pressure circuit volume. Test is carried out in a vacuum on the medium frequency melting furnace. See test equipment. Nitrogen dioxide first after heating furnace, under the iron metal catalysts. Shielding gas after the ignition. With double platinum thermal resistance Zha temperature for the temperature control precision. Choose platinum crucible in the slag gas equilibrium. In the slag equilibrium test application of high purity electrolytic process of air oxidation crucible. Medium frequency melting furnace manufacturer - Maintain high small medium frequency melting furnace, vacuum value Vacuum induction furnace - efficient to clutter The power requirement is higher vacuum induction levitation melting furnace key structure and composition
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