Vacuum intermediate-frequency furnace is suitable for use on the radiator heating system

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-04-13
The primary purpose of the use of hot pressing sintering medium frequency melting furnace for heating, in the process of heating demand and need rapid heating rate, heating material must be selected to ensure that good thermal conductivity, and does not produce deformation at high temperature and large amounts of heat loss, to ensure that in use process performance should be stable over a period of time. Vacuum intermediate-frequency furnace suits to be applied on the radiator heating systems in selecting heating element according to their chemical properties required for processing products, in order to avoid the material of heating elements affect the quality of the workpiece. Therefore, reasonable selection of medium frequency melting furnace to vacuum heating element. In the usual test if there is a liquid, you need a process of liquid evaporation ( Don't need to be heated under high vacuum can gasification) , can I take a long time to pull a vacuum to gasification off this part of the liquid so as to achieve high vacuum ( Etc. ) 。 If long time can not meet the target pressure, will consider system and roots pump, you can directly measure the limits of roots pump vacuum ( Not connected to other systems) , if the sound is the sealing performance of the system. Radiator heat medium design temperature of hot water heating system, generally based on thermal comfort requirements, the principle of system operation security and economy of certain. Water supply temperature does not exceed 95 ℃, can ensure that heat medium under the condition of normal pressure not vaporize, used to use for the return water temperature of 95 ℃ / 70 ℃. But in recent years, according to the heating at home and abroad advanced experience, appropriate to reduce the heat medium temperature, improve comfort, commonly so often use 80/60 ℃. Vacuum hot water boiler medium frequency melting furnace in radiator heating system design to meet the requirements of the in and out of the water temperature is 80/60 ℃. Now, by the urban heat supply network or concentrated pot room of medium frequency melting furnace heating residential village, even if the design temperature for the 95/70 ℃, when the outdoor temperature reached design, run the water temperature as long as 70/55 ℃ or so commonly, can guarantee the design indoor temperature. Because decision fin efficiency are the main factors of heat sink cooling medium velocity in the area and the heat sink Temperature has little to do with the media) And equal temperature difference of the same cycle water carries the same heat. The vacuum hot water pot medium frequency melting furnace, medium frequency melting furnace difference from traditional 95/70℃) On the radiator heating system is mainly room heating time than conventional pan of medium frequency melting furnace is 4 ~ 5 minutes slow.
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