Vacuum induction levitation melting furnace key structure and composition

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-20
Vacuum induction levitation melting furnace is thriving smelter technical in recent years, its basic principle is water cooling copper crucible electromagnetic field placement changes, using magnetic force to make charge card half suspension, maintain not to touch the crucible wall welding pool, the charge will not be crucible materials of air pollution. To chemical formula features lively, high melting point metal materials, metal materials, and aluminum alloy smelting. Key structure and composition: vacuum induction levitation melting furnace HTM - S series products vacuum induction melting furnace for magnetic levitation pillar type structure, the furnace wall, furnace cover, smelting equipment, ultrafiltration equipment, IGBT medium frequency power supply, automatic control system for full automatic, induction heater, water cooling copper crucible, work platform, water cooling system, etc. Main features: the HTM - S series products vacuum induction melting furnace is based on the ultrafiltration device magnetic levitation get close - in heating furnace 5 vacuum conditions, using the basic principle of induction heating, choose IGBT medium frequency power supply under the effect of magnetic field, according to the induction electromagnetic coil to molten metal material floating in water cooling copper crucible, ensure the normal development of zero pollution in smelting. This machine use very good dashboard and sensing technology components, such as temperature, vacuum test confirmed and ensure equipment safety operation. High vacuum system Settings available limit of vacuum, pump efficiency, increase productivity, vacuum valve adopts manual type, pneumatic type two kinds of methods, selects the vacuum pneumatic valve to automatic control system. Water cooling system with water supply, under-voltage protection and waterway overheating and maintenance function. Medium frequency melting furnace manufacturer - There is always the right machine you need
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