- vacuum induction furnace The power supply requirement is quite high

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-21
Vacuum induction melting furnace vacuum induction furnace is the production of special metal processing of special equipment. In accordance with the working methods can be divided into intermittent type furnace melting furnace and a half work. Vacuum induction furnace can be used to refine metal in particular, can also be used with special gold forging machine. Vacuum induction furnace power supply and the electric press system, furnace can be divided into 3 most, ultrafiltration equipment, water cooling system. The power of the vacuum induction furnace vacuum induction furnace power equipment in accordance with the basic medium frequency induction furnace. Because under the vacuum smelting, vacuum induction furnace of the power supply has the following special requirements: the end of the sensor is low potential difference. The application of vacuum induction furnace working frequency, lower than the intermediate frequency induction furnace is in commonly the following in order to avoid excessively high working voltage 750 v vacuum insulation from the damage of gas charging and discharging, lead to safety accident. Avoid higher harmonic into the load power supply circuit. Application of silicon controlled rectifier dc inverter power circuit often have higher harmonic into the load power supply circuit, make the induction melting furnace for furnace cover working voltage and charge and discharge. , therefore, be sure to increase intermediate frequency isolation transformer in power output, to break into the higher harmonic. Induction melting furnace can also be made double coil, inverter power supply before the filter reactor well each string in the ballast output to balance the negative power supply circuit, the balance of sensors on the furnace cover work voltage, prevent the charge and discharge conditions. Control circuit of electric large flow oscillation. Because the work frequency low vacuum induction furnace, under the power of a certain standard, it is important to increase 1 2 electrical flow. CLP method to reduce the shock control circuit loss, should as far as possible reduce the distance between power capacitor ark and furnace body, but also should be effectively select the appearance of the control circuit of electric conductor and spread method. Thus, vacuum induction furnace for the regulation of the power is higher than the vacuum induction furnace. Vacuum induction levitation melting furnace key structure and composition
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