Using melting furnace 'three wastes' treatment

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-04-29
In the process of using furnace smelting metal production, will produce a large amount of waste residue, waste gas, waste water and dust. If direct emissions, not only can cause environmental pollution, waste of resources, will harm people's health. So dealing with three wastes for processing and recycling. Use melting furnace three wastes a processing method, slag treatment 1, 2, water quenching slag recycled directly directly for cement raw material 3, made cast stone slag 4, use a waste for building and road construction materials, and farmland fertilizer, waste treatment and utilization of 1. Exposure to electric furnace flue gas purification 2. Semi-closed furnace 3. Enclosed furnace flue gas purification and energy recovery. Three, the comprehensive utilization of dust waste water processing and application of ferroalloy production wet dust removal ( Venturi scrubber) Will produce a large amount of sewage, wastewater contains a variety of harmful substances, direct emissions, will damage to the environment, and waste of water resources. Purification treatment, as well as protect the environment, and can make the water recycling, kill two birds with one stone. At present, countries around the world generally adopt the closed-circuit circulation system, such as clarification tank, cooling tower, congealed machine, rotary vacuum filter, washing drug delivery and mud storage pit, etc. So, purifying the wastewater can be recycled after use, no pollution to the environment, at the same time can also be recycling useful substances in sediments.
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