Use of medium frequency melting furnace need to pay attention to summer

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-04-28
Our medium frequency melting furnace equipment is also a source of heat, although it is the principle of induction heating, but the workpiece by induction heating, the heat of radiation to the surrounding environment, including sensors, in all parts of the machine will work in the process of heating, in summer, because the environment degree rise, also have certain influence to the machine itself, individual clients can appear the phenomenon of equipment failure rate increases, so use in the summer, we should pay attention to what issues? Use of medium frequency melting furnace to note 1 in summer. Suggestions to improve the workshop environment temperature, if in the conditional case, suggest to install air conditioning, cool down the machine working environment, is now in the dog days, most of the cities in China will be continuous high temperature, environment temperature tend to more than 30 degrees Celsius, if heat dissipation is not good, to the machine parts fever is serious, would result in higher failure rate, Suggestions to improve the workshop environment temperature. 2. Recommendations to improve internal cooling conditions of the machine, medium frequency melting furnace is cooling, our machines in the process of work, with a certain pressure of circulating water circulation cooling inside the machine, take away heat fever are part of the machine and workpiece heat radiation of heat, so to circulating water also to have certain requirements, first of all, clean water, suggest using purified water and softening water, if you use tap water circulation, to pay attention to equipment maintenance, in order to prevent dust and dirt blocking machine radiator pipe road, suggested that every three months to cleaning and maintenance of equipment, used to put some detergent water, reverse circulation 20 - within the machine 30 minutes, serviced once every three months, the inside of the machine to use air gun to blow dust clean, if the inside of the machine line one thousand blocked, suggest also use air gun to blow, if there is no way to solve the problem, please call the company, looking for professionals to help you solve! 3. Followed by the water temperature is not high, but also cannot too low, some customers will use a cooling tower or closed cold water machine, the general can set temperature, cold water machine, in general, in the summer, not the lower the water temperature setting, the better, some customers without knowing it, will set the water temperature at 20 degrees, so that makes the machine's circulating water temperature and environmental temperature difference is too big, easy to machine cooling line in sweat, prompted a short circuit, the inside of the machine parts or circuit board to fail, so the suggestion of the circulating water temperature Settings in 28 - Around 30 degrees, so that equipment can smooth work, heating, if the temperature is too high, more than 40 degrees, the protection of the machine itself has the 'overheating' alarm device, will send out alarm, recommend replacing cooling water, or make it recover to the normal temperature, the machine can work normally.
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