Under the 2019 market medium frequency melting furnace conveniently change need

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-04-05
2019 market under the new situation, medium frequency melting furnace to take advantage of an opportunity for change. As countries push forward the environmental protection policy, in 2019, medium frequency melting furnace enterprise development further difficulty, and combined with the transportation cost and raw material prices, medium frequency melting furnace enterprise step is more difficult. Die, is no longer the pressure in the pressure. If you want to break through the current difficult situation, medium frequency melting furnace enterprise needs to transformation and upgrading as soon as possible. 2019 market medium frequency conveniently change a, medium frequency melting furnace, melting furnace to the white-hot competition in the market, enterprises need innovation achieves 'homogeneity' phenomenon of medium frequency melting furnace industry is becoming more and more serious. Design copy and imitation. Although blindly imitate can bring short-term gains, but would be tantamount to quench thirst. Product innovation ability is low, the quality did not guarantee enterprise is impossible really powerful. Only by constantly seeking differentiation, based on consumer demand, strengthening independent research and development, to attract more users. Two dealers, medium frequency melting furnace, enterprises need to pursue the quality of medium frequency melting furnace enterprise development cannot leave the dealers, both in the same boat, life and death. There are some medium frequency melting furnace, 'shallow' that open a shop is profitable. Join in policy constantly refreshed, send gifts, lottery, free samples, and so on. However, if the 'set up shop', not 'shop', will only lead to 'open a batch of, a group of' death. Marketing costs continue to increase, not real returns. Therefore, rather than pursuing the dealers, to ensure the quality of dealers first. Strict review distributor qualifications, whether they can understand the product and brand concept, whether has the capability of seeing and growing together with enterprise. At the same time, medium frequency melting furnace enterprise notice for the cultivation of the dealer, through regular training to enhance the quality dealers. Three, medium frequency melting furnace conveniently change market, enterprises need to medium frequency melting furnace if enterprise can't keep up with the trend of The Times, still use old strategies to cope with the market, is destined to be eliminated in the end. Street soliciting, community devoted to worship, telephone marketing channels to obtain customers less and less, the Internet has become the standard, this need each intermediate frequency furnace transformation to the Internet as soon as possible. However, in today's Internet is generally, the user will become more and more picky. Online experience poor problems are increasingly exposed, how to realize the complementary advantages, online is an issue of it is not easy.
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